Where Can I Buy Cheap, but Good Quality Colored Contact Lenses.?

Does anyone know any websites or shops where i can buy colored contacts?

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  1. There’s always freshlook you find it at walmart, they’re pretty cheap.
    Solotica lenses are really good and look natural but you have to order them from brazil. They do cost more though but they’re good for a year so you get what you pay for. hope this helps.
    there’s info on this site if you like http://frmheadtotoe.blogspot.com/2008/04/solotica-ordering-info.html

    also i wouldn’t trust okeyshopping.com heard bad stuff about that site.

  2. tonyfezq r says:

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  3. n a t a l ! e says:

    the cheapest that i know of are the freshlooks at walmart
    you need a prescription even if you have 20/20
    so they can have the measurements of your eye
    so the contacts wont slip around all over the place lol
    and if you get cheap ones without one
    itll prolly look like you have lazy eyes 😮

    oh and its $30 FOR a box that comes with 3 pairs :]

  4. You can try either 1800-contacts or colorvuelens.com. I usually buy from this 2 site.

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