What Colored Contact Lenses Would Look Best for Dark Eyes?

i’m planning on wearing contact lenses since the grade of my eyes are getting high and i just can’t use eyeglasses all the time. it’s kinda uncomfortable. they say it’s hard to find colored contacts for those whose natural eye color is dark… like dark brown.what would look nice on me? my hair color is black and my skin complexion is tan.

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  1. I would go with a green/hazel.
    Not blue! It just looks so artificial with black hair.

    Or you could lighten the brown (I’m assuming?) to a lighter caramel/gold.
    That’s what I’m planning on, my hair’s black too 🙂

  2. teresa :) says:

    hazzle or gray

  3. ronnn♥ says:

    gray or green.

  4. Southern Girl :) says:

    I have no idea. Just try on a bunch of different colors and see what looks best. I’ve been wearing contacts since 4th grade I’m now a Junior. My eyes are AWFUL. I have naturally green eyes so Idk. 🙂

  5. Lady Baby Phat 247 says:

    Yes hazel or gray!

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