Should I Order Contacts from 1800CONTACTS or AC Lens?

I’m ordering contacts online because it’d be a lot cheaper than ordering them from my doctor.

However, I’m just curious which one to order from? I know 1800CONTACTS is quite trusted, and all, but I’m wondering about whether AC Lens is good and legit as well?

If I were to buy contacts from 1800CONTACTS, it’d be 0; with AC Lens, it’d only be 0; both offer free shipping.

Is AC Lens a legit and trusted company? Or should I just stick with 1800CONTACTS, which I know is good?

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  1. Ernesto A says:

    I’ve used AC Lenses and they are great. They are fast helpful and cheaper. They were actually recommended by my friend’s father who’s an eye doctor.

  2. slipknot01299 says:


  3. 1800 contacts….you get money back if you buy i think 8 boxes of contacts i forgot…you get free shipping on your next shipments

  4. jonathan f says:

    You are good to go with AC Lens

    Thanks for telling me about AC LENS I will order from them form now on.

  5. why don’t you stick with 1800contacts…it’s only $20 and at least you know it is a reputable company.

  6. Midnighthorses says:

    i where contacts and i use to order from my eye doctor but they are way too expencive so i order mine at walmart. way more trustable

  7. I think is cheaper than 1800contacts

  8. I’ve used in the past with no issues. Would order from there in a heartbeat.

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