Q&a: What Is the Longest Length to Wear Contact Lenses?

Question by –: What is the longest length to wear contact lenses?
For example I have 1 month long disposable contact lenses. However, I only wear contacts for special occasions which counts as a week per month. Does this mean I have to switch the contacts every month or is it the length of time you actually wear the contacts? Could I keep the contacts for the 30 days I wear them or throw them out every month? I have specific type of contacts so its rather expensive.

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Answer by way2_insane
i have contacts, and it should be fine to keep them longer than a month if you don’t wear them the full month. you have to toss them due to oils and whatnot building onto the contacts, so again, it should be fine to keep them a lil longer.

Answer by footprintz123
The life of a 30 day lens is calculated as 30 days wear of about 12 – 14 hours.

So if you only wear them 10 days a month…they are good for 3 months.

Remember to change the solution every 5 or 6 days, even if you aren’t wearing them.

Answer by Nah Z
Personally, I’ve found that contacts will in the best situations degrade regardless of wear. It might be safe to keep them up to 45ish days, but beyond that, you’d want to confirm the safety with your own eye doctor.

Answer by Alfred
30days from the date opening the lenses. Dont extend it.

Answer by Sister Sister Dee
Ask your eye care professional which type of solution you should be using for your lenses and situation. Some are better for storing.

Even if you are not wearing the contacts, clean them regularly as bacteria can continue to grow if left in the case.

Get a spare case, clean your lenses well and put in the clean case with fresh solution. Dump out the solution in the first case, rinse with hot water, and air dry (store this case open, but covered–bacteria cannot grow in a dry envirionment.)

If you clean and store them correctly, you should be able to keep them at least twice as long since you are not wearing them regularly.

Have you asked your eye care professional about one-day disposables? I have patients who use their lenses like you do and like just being able to throw them away and skip all the care at the end of one day’s wear. Since you don’t wear them all the time, the cost may be favorably comparable to a monthly disposable and solutions.

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