How Much Is an Eye Exam and Do Lenscrafters Accept Medical?

I need eyeglasses but even an eye exam is expensive, if i had an eye exam and buy the eyeglasses would it be expensive?

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    1. Rochelle Rochelle says:

      the eyeglasses is more expensive than the eye exam, but if you don’t go to the eye exam, so you can spend low money.

    2. The eye exam is essential and necessary in order for you to purchase glasses. See if your insurance has a vision plan or if it has a discount plan. If you have any of those, check to see who your providers are by calling your insurance or checking online. Once you know who is "in network", you can see the optometrists that take your insurance. Prices depend on your plan.

      If you do not have vision benefits or a discount plan on vision, eye exams differ from optometrist to optometrist. You should call around and see how much an eye exam costs.

      Lenscrafters isn’t the only place that has optometrists and eye glasses, so be open to other places. Some offices will have a line of frames that is more affordable, so have the optician show them to you. You also have the option of taking your prescription from either an in network optometrist or cheapest eye exam without insurance, and go back to any place that has frames to get your glasses made. They don’t have to be at the same place. Shop around.

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