How Do You Know When to Change Your Contact Lenses?

Question by Diongus: How do you know when to change your contact lenses?
I got my first contact lenses about a month and a half ago and they told me I should change them every month, but that they may last longer. I take care of my contacts just fine, but how do I know when I should change them? I’m asking cause I don’t want to be wearing them without knowing they’re secretly damaging my eye.

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Answer by Sam
When your vision gets a lil like Moist or sumthing
when stuff gets a lil unclear .. kinda.. and u blink to get back to the clearer view.. thts when ure lenses r gettin dry and stuff
lol 😛

Answer by shortie__9a
when they get dry or itchy. i personally have contracts that are to be changed every three months. I change them every three months but maybe that’s just me.

Answer by tychi
Yes, if that is what is recommended. Then change them every month
This way your protecting your eyes and no damage.

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