Can I Bring My Own Glasses to the Vision Store and Have the Prescription Lenses Put in?

Can I buy a pair of glasses online and then bring the frames to a place like vision world, when I have an eye exam and have them put in the prescription lenses in my own frames, without having to buy any from their store?

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    1. bmph8ter2000 says:

      In almost all cases you can. I did this for years and years (before I started buying glasses online) because it was cheaper to just get my lenses replaced if my prescription changed. Then, I would get new frames every 2-3 years. It’s not a bad idea to call ahead, just in case you have someplace "stuck up" that won’t do it.

    2. kristilynn81 says:

      I would double check with the place you have your vision exam that would have your current prescription and make sure just in case. But yes, most places will do this.

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