$20 for Colored Contact Lenses?

is a reasonable amount for colored contact lenses? there is a store in queens, new york and they sell colored contact lenses for . i was just wondering if i should buy these because I am scared if they might do something to my eyes since they are so cheap..should i buy them?

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  1. Sasha Rowane says:

    NO! Don’t buy them! You should be suspicious of any colored contact lens priced so cheaply. The only place you should ever buy contacts is from a doctor who can take your measurements. Otherwise, you could get a very severe infection and possibly even lose your eye. Since contacts go directly in your eye, you need to be really careful about hygiene and stuff.

  2. Mine were only $25 for a pair of two and they were prescription.

  3. Olive O says:

    Yeah that seems a bit cheap, I would go to a real doctor and get them just to be safe.

  4. Rawr. :D says:

    They’re that cheap?! No way.

  5. Kimberly says:

    i know how you are feeling. I live in florida and i had the same feelins when i ran across some here for the same price. as long as there is no strength to them they will not hurt your eyes. i now am the proud owner of several pairs and i love them. be sure to get rewetting drops for your eyes so the contacts dont dry in your eyes that is very painful and make sure you never touch your contacts without solution on your fingertips. anyway enjoy your new looks with the different colors

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